This is a curved extension for a track that feeds bottle caps into a capping machine.  New track pieces were unavailable, and we were contracted to fabricate a custom piece for the customers bottling line.  In the last 3 pictures you can see the original track section that was supplied by the customer, fit up with the new piece (bottom) that we fabricated.


On a few occasions we have been asked to make custom fuel rails and fuel injector adapters.  Here are a few that we got pictures of before they went out the door.


We had one customer that wanted a custom enclosed trailer for transporting pianos.  He was looking for a trailer with a top that would hinge open, as well as having the traditional back wall that folds down into a ramp.  This is want we made for him:


This is a custom set of wheel spacers for a backhoe so that the customer could have the clearance to run tire chains.